To guide and mentor exceptional entrepreneurs in taking their disruptive ideas and technology and turning them into successful businesses.

We're looking for innovative entrepreneurs with an idea - a great idea - who have started to gather a team, develop a plan, and design the defensible technology to bring the idea to fruition.

Building a business can be a rugged experience. Young companies face numerous challenges as they seek to grow and gain traction. For Founder leaders it is invaluable to have an experienced sherpa guide to share the load and make success come a little easier, perhaps a little faster and with fewer mistakes.

We've done this before at some of the foremost online companies of the decade, including Google, Amazon, and Netscape.

Please note that we cannot accept phone inquiries re: business proposals, nor can we respond individually to each inquiry due to the volume of inquiries we receive, and our very limited staffing. It is strongly recommended that business plans or inquiries re: submissions be sent via email. Thank you.

Sherpalo is not presently hiring.

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